Projects 2018

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Mi colilla, nuestra ciudad

We work in order to convert cigarrette butts into environmentally responsible products through bioremediation processes that eliminate all their toxic components.

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Knock Out Monitor

is a technology that transforms electrophysiological data through a digital signal processing algorithm that cleans, extracts and classifies patterns with artificial intelligence to assist the physician in an accurate and real time decision making, and improve patient care.

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It is a new camera with a wider field of view created to augment the reduced FOV of the laparoscopic surgery, eliminating blind spots and providing more control to the surgeon. 

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It is a new camera with a wider field of view created to augment the reduced FOV of the laparoscopic surgery, eliminating blind spots and providing more control to the surgeon.

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Using porcine intestinal submucosa we designed and produced an hemostatic plug capable of stoping the bleeding that might result from percutaneous procedures such as biopsies or any alike minimally invasive procedure, reducing the associated risks and favoring the optimal healing of the wound thanks to the regenerative potential of the material components.

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Imagine enjoying chocolate without worrying about calories or fat intake. At Nextcoa® we have developed a new generation of cellulose-based materials that allow you to eat guilt-free chocolates. Our recipes guarantee less fat and more fiber; while sacrificing none of the pleasures of tropical Colombian or worldwide cocoa flavors.

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Beepharma´s company develope Medicine with Nanoparticles of bee venom linked with Nanoparticles of Information to activate an inmunological response.

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i3lighting is a dual purpose technological solution: It facilitates the remote and smart management of street lighting systems, generating cost and time savings to cities and municipalities, and uses the same street lighting infrastructure to create wireless communications networks for IoT devices.

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i - works

This is a Knowledge architectures-type process, created within the framework of the knowledge industry, whose objective is the design and development of a recording system and a data processing system for the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders, which allows companies to collect and process data related to health conditions, in order to analyze, measure and project the management for the prevention of these types of diseases

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Vispa Projects

We create and develop a novel technique, which combines software / hardware from vibration analysis to identify materials and elements inside packages or closed containers without the need for intrusive actions on these.

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Coffee fruits sorting machine

To obtain coffee fruits classified by maturation stages. This classication achives a good quality of the beverage, independent of the harvesting processes. This allows to improve the infrastructure of the farm to classify coffee harvested by mechanical means, without incidents in the quality of the final product.

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Empaques Retardantes

Plastic packaging that allows the conservation of climacteric fruits in good condition for a greater amount of time and at a highly competitive price, thus facilitating the export, commercialization of fruit and even conservation in your home.


Projects 2019



Quality assuarence for solar photovoltaic systems



Our technology is otention and use of natural ingredients from Amazonic vegetable species.



Porous membrane of bovine collagen type i that replaces dermis promoting regeneration of skin wounds.


Botox Natural

Botos dermocosmetic treatment created by nature, sustainable and ethical, Premium in quality and performance at the right price.


Zhana solutions

Electrochemical method for treting highly contaminated industrial wastewater.



Frog e is an electronic device that is located in sources of stagnant water and through ligh attraction and vibration kills the larvae and pupae of the insects that generate Zika, Chikunguña and Dengue diseases


Octoplus HPV

Optical biosensor to detect oncoproteins of the HPV 16 and HPV 18 genotypes in low-incasive saliva samples in ten minutes.



Our product prevents the appearance of foot fungus (also known as athletes feet)



We develop new biomaterials that use wastes from agriculture to substitute and reduce the use of plastics.



A biological treatment that incrases removal efficiency, decreases process time economicaly and stable for long periods of time



Control Vit is a system that enables real-time monitoring and control of heart failure through self-manegement support for patients, and alert generation, call management and reports for medical personnel.



The Citobot is a thin device that will detect the presence of precancerous lesions through images taken from the cervix.