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Alejandro Vizcaino

International Finance Professional with an MBA from the University of Nurtingen, Germany with experience in the creation and incubation of digital businesses, preparation of investment search teams, commercialization of scientific technologies through the leadership of business acceleration programs, technology transfer and innovation with entities such as CESA, MinTIC, ANDI, Innpulsa and Colciencias. His last great challenge is a company with a social impact in the small coffee-growing communities, which, with empowerment and technology, connects them with consumers around the world.

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Carlos Perry

Systems Engineer, MBA and entrepreneur with experience in the creation of business models around information technologies. 15 years of experience leading and directing software development teams, building solutions for various economic sectors. Creator of invention patents in computer security in the USA and Europe.

Fabián Escudero Jessurum

Businessman in the logistics, technology and education sector, 17 years of experience in management business Undergraduate and postgraduate professor in major universities in the country, Coach in certification process and investment mentor in projects with productive potential.
Master in marketing direction and commercial management
ESIC Business Marketing School– Madrid; Spain.
Master in Marketing Management MDM
Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración - CESA; Bogotá.
July de 2012 – July 2014.

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Nohora Santos Vigoya

Executive MBA in Business Management with extensive knowledge and experience in strategic business planning, management skills in administrative - financial management, personnel management, customs and logistics, with high analytical skills and decision-making skills. With excellent interpersonal relationships, leadership, adaptability to change and continuous learning; oriented to results, with ability to assume functions that demand great responsibility and ability to work as a team. Fourteen years of experience in logistics, transportation and cargo handling company with international standards. Business consultant in the organization, valorization and acceleration of companies from different sectors such as technology, production, services. Leading mentor in incubation and acceleration programs for star-ups.

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Sebastian Marulanda

Professional training as Business Administrator of CESA, with MBA degree at EAE Business School, Barcelona-Spain. 13 years of experience in management positions, in the public and private sector, in charge of commercial areas, project management, franchise development, and, during the last eight years, performance as general manager in Go Green Colombia. Great ability to lead and motivate multidisciplinary work teams, aimed at achieving objectives. Global vision of organizations, analytical, methodical, conciliatory and recursive. Great ability to work in demanding teams. Two years Mentor, of the Business Program at CESA.

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Leonardo Suarez 

Digital entrepreneur, co-founder of Voice123, the largest database of broadcasters on the planet (now Torre), DashBell, the platform for administration and distribution of inventories in tourist properties, funded by TechStars. Partner of Torrenegra Labs, has invested in +20 startups how VivaReal, CornerShop, LiftIT, KiwiCampus; with successful departures in Rentalo, WeHostels, HubBOG and He is currently CEO of Clouxter focused on the creation, administration and optimization of T.I. High availability in the cloud, where our customers are Rappi, Domiciles, Experian, VoiceBunny, Credibanco. Member of the boards of Torre and ASEC; Actively participates in activities to support entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America - Compete in local and national squash tournaments, in 4 senior category "

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Juan Moreno 

Senior Executive with more than 30 years of experience in multinational companies administration, business development, communications and marketing. (The Walt Disney Company (Spain and Portugal) Columbia TriStar, ACNielsen EDI, Mediasat, APWireless as manager Director. etc....Personal attributes like creativity, determination and perseverance have enabled me to successfully develop strategic planning initiatives later applied and implemented in business, marketing and commercial areas; similarly, I have led projects for the development of international businesses in several European companies.
I have great facility to establish good personal and labor relationships among work teams; mainly, this has favored the straightforward achievement of pursued professional goals.
After living abroad (United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil) for 30 years, I returned to Colombia, where a comprehensive network of family and professional contacts has enabled me to get involved in valuable work environments like consultancy and NGOs among other companies like as I mentioned APWireless as a Manager Director. As an Entreprenur I have created a new way of doing social profitable, environmentally viable,bussines in dificult historically areas like Choco, Uraba and Nariño, with victims and with no state help.

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Álvaro Triana

• Head of Management Consulting Department at Triana, Uribe & Michelsen (2002 – current);
• Professor at Universidad de los Andes, School of Management (2010 – current);
• More than 30 years of management consulting experience in the Americas Region in the fields of strategy, organization, corporate governance and executive training, working with top firms such as Arthur D. Little, McKinsey & Co., Korn/Ferry International, Tony Blair Associates and Innovation Media Consulting.

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Lina Rengifo

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Mentor. Volunteer. Dog lover. My faith is simple and strong. I do what makes me happy. Sometimes: I teach, always: I learn.
Professional in Finance and Economist, MBA with an emphasis on marketing of the Sergio Arboleda University.
I have experience in strategic marketing, ideation, design and implementation of business plans and redirect of organizational strategies.
I am a speaker in subjects of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
I am the Founder and CEO of Labranza Cero, a company that works on other people Ideas, Innovation and Organizational Empowerment.
Teaching experience greater than 10 years in Economic Areas, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity, Business Management and Leadership. Mentor of processes of Entrepreneurship in stages of ideation and incubation at Cesa. Professor of the Chair of Business Management in Communication of the Master in Strategic Communication at Sabana University.

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Alejandro Montoya

Medical surgeon, obstetrician-gynecologist at NYU Fertility Clinic and PDD at Inalde with 13 years of experience as general manager / founder of the first Banco Cordil Umbilical de Colombia. In those thirteen years of experience create the category of stem cells with presence in the most important cities of Colombia. I led the commercial groups in all the cities with annual sales increase over 20%. Being a new business category, I structured all the function manuals, activities of 42 employees. Being an innovative business model, I structured the entire accounting strategy The Bank of Stem Cells is the leader in social networks with a CRM designed by me perfectly linked to the Inbound Maketing strategy.

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Marcela Falquez

Industrial Engineer with minor in Economics from Universidad de los Andes, with Master's Degrees in Corporate Finance from the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA) and in Corporate Social Responsibility from Universidad Castilla La Mancha (UCLM). Work experience in the financial, public and social sectors in Colombia. Co-Founder and Executive Director of ID Social, a social enterprise that structures, manages, and operates projects that seek to generate impact and be sustainable, through institutional strengthening. Her major areas of expertise are: finance, business models, corporate governance and team building.

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Oliverio González Palacio

Oliverio González Palacio, Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Industrial Engineer. I have 12 years of professional career focused on the management and direction of companies especially in the sector of consulting and technological services. I have been a manager, strategic consultant, board member and business coach. I am a Senior Executive with extensive corporate experience and new business. I combine strategic vision, management experience and a wide network of high value contacts in order to help and leverage the growth of companies in a sustainable manner.

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Juan Pablo Amorocho

Operational risks, mentor in entrepreneurship in financial and administrative matters. CESA Business Administrator, specialist in corporate finance. He has extensive experience in the financial sector on issues of securities, exchange rates, derivative portfolio management, liquidity and market risk coverage. Constitution, implementation and start-up of companies supervised by the Superfinanciera, as well as some specific projects such as the implementation of Certification of Professionals in the stock market for AMV. Member of some boards of directors of BBVA Valores, GFI, AECESA, Asobursatil. He has worked in banks such as Bank of America, RBS, ABN, Banco Andino; in stockbrokers such as BBVA Valores, Inversionistas de Colombia and Interdealers brokers such as GFI Colombia and Enlace Colombia.

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Luis Buitrago

International Business Development & Business Strategy Consultant.

Highly motivated project/personnel manager, with excellent organizational and administrative skills, coaching in their skills to become part of successful teams in producing extraordinary results. 15+ years teaching experience diferent .


Business Coach for new business owner start-ups. Wrote Business plans, helped owners set up accounts, databases, organize records and teach management of day-to-day business results producing successful

Teaching is my greatest skill and talent. In multiple environments, my ability to teach has enhanced the skills of others and brought much personal satisfaction to my various jobs.
l Lecturer at Cesa and Rosario University.


MBA Master Business Administration from IE University (2000). I completed MBA [IE Business School] with project called “Colombiam Leather Shop in Spain”. First place in IE competition.
Double Certification from Andes University
Economy and Business Degree in Administration

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